New Tapes (Primordial Undermind, Urthsla, Red Cross Stare Berry Feast Compilation) Available & Bird People Summer Tour

Howdy folks,

hope you’re digging the summer!

We have four new tapes out and you can order them through our webstore or by writing to

Personal contact is encouraged, especially with larger orders or trade offers.

And these are the tapes:

Primordial Undermind – Coyote’s Choice Vol. 1. Jacque’s, Boston, MA 8/1/97
Coyotes Choice 1

The first volume in a series of historic live releases by long-standing psych-rock stalwarts Primordial Undermind.

Urthsla – Ingwertee

Feathered Coyote is psyched to release this gorgeous new album by Urthsla, the project of Berlin-based musician Artem Bezukladnikov. Over two lenghty and one shorter track he creatures a vibrant and dense environment of sound, fingerpicked acoustic guitar alternating and mingling with synth/FX drones and soundscapes, the distant-sounding vocals suggesting traces of songs.

Red Cross Stare – Answering Our Own Wave

Second album by Red Cross Stare, the project of Justin Wiggan, Simon Osgathorp and Yvat.
Deep, haunting soundscapes and hypnotic rhythms.

Various Artists – Sounds From A Berry Feast Vol. 4
Compilation tape for Berry Feast 2015 with new and/or exclusive tracks by most of the festival’s artists.

IMG_3941 - Kopie (3)

painting by Christian Schoppik

Bird People – “Constellations” Summer Tour 2015

In August we’ll hit the road for the first time with the new, fluid Bird People line-up. We’ll play shows in constellations ranging from a trio to a seven-piece or something like that.
We’ll have several new releases and a tour poster featuring a painting by Christian Schoppik with us, so hit up the merch table, if you’re so inclined!

We’re still looking for a show on the 10th of August, preferably in NW Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands or NE France. Give us a shot if you have any ideas!

Tour Dates:

Aug 9. – MÜNSTER, DE (TBC)
Aug 10 – free
Aug 18 – TBA, LIÈGE, BE

And here’s the fb event for the tour:

Please tell your friends / much obliged!

See you on the road.


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June Update: Berry Feast Vol. 4 & Tea House Vol. 3

Hello friends,

hope you’re enjoying these first days of summer!

This is to remind you that this Saturday we’re celebrating Berry Feast for the fourth time. This year we’re holding the feast at SKW (Sonnenpark) St. Pölten (Spratzener Kirchenweg 81-83).
I don’t want to make this too long, please check out the Berry Feast blog ( for more detailed descriptions of all artists, let me just say that I think we managed to create a very diverse and exciting program, ranging from Afro Acoustics and Desert Blues to minimal acoustic drone, harsh noise, psych rock, experimental electronics and much more.


There will be a workshop, an art exhibition and lots of concerts.
And here’s the full schedule:

A Berry Feast Vol. 4 – Saturday, June 6, SKW St. Pölten (Spratzener Kirchenweg 81-83)
12:00 Berry Feast Exhibition Opening: Lucas Henao Serna
13:00 Workshop: Sounds of the Environment with Roy Culbertson III
15:00 Jonáš Gruska
16:00 Katie O’Neill
17:00 Salah Addin & Ré Sukre
18:00 Least Carpet
19:00 Steffi Neuhuber
20:00 Hellvete
21:00 Eric Arn
22:00 Torùn
23:00 MS Mutt
00:00 Luxury Mollusc
01:00 Battle-ax
02:00 Berry Feast Exhibition: Der Kleine Kreis (VIV) – “Clairvoyant” (screening)
02:20 Jung An Tagen

We’ve also created another compilation to go with the festival. It features (mostly new and/or exclusive) tracks from all the acts playing the festival. The tape will be available at Berry Feast. If you can’t make it and want to order a physical copy, please paypal the right amount to and state that you’re ordering Sounds from a Berry Feast Vol. 4. (Austria € 8 / Europe € 10 / World € 13).
For a digital copy, go here.

And here’s the tracklist:
Due to some delays with artworks and final masters, the next Feathered Coyote batch is still delayed but should be ready very soon.

But before we drive out to St. Pölten, we’re kicking off the weekend with the third volume of Feathered Coyote’s Tea House at Celeste.

Feathered Coyote’s Tea House Vol. 3
Today, June 4 at Celeste, Jazzkeller, Hamburgerstrasse 10
doors 8 pm, bands start 9 pm

mosque is a collaboration between Oskar May and Kilian Jörg. Oskar May is mainly responsible for beats, base- and synthlines, while Kilian Jörg is mixing, looping and alienating field recordings collected from all over the world. Together this forms voyages, which go beyond the classical field recording, for they do have more or less conventional song structures, but also exceed the classical electronic track. The results are loaded of – more or less intentional – allusions to philosophical, political and other themes and do at the same time incorporate aleatoric strategies into the composition.

solo banjo

DJ I dunno, Ricky Lewis?
Feathered Coyote Sound System

That’s it for now, thanks for your reading and hope to see you at Celeste and/or Berry Feast!


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Upcoming Live Activities – May

Hi there,

just wanted to put up a short update about some upcoming live activities from the Feathered Coyote camp.

First there’s the second edition of Feathered Coyote’s Tea House at Celeste tonight (May 7) with Proyecto Jesús and Toni Traubensaft ripping it up live and me behind the turntables. Here’s the event:

On Sunday the 10th I will provide some shruti and bowed banjo drones for Hood On Dance, a dance project by Samuel Ekeh that aims to raise the awareness for and the visibility of migrants and refugees. It’s a cool project and the first time we did it was really fun, so I’m looking forward to more! It’s Sunday at 8 pm at Brunnenpassage in the 16th district:

On Monday the 11th Mancunian psych collective Gnod are playing Arena and I get to open for them sitting in with NAUM on fiddle and pedals. First rehearsals went very well!
Here’s the fb event:

The next Bird People show will be at Club U on May 21. No event yet but coming soon.

In other good news Feathered Coyote and Screaming Claws will be collaborating for the next show that we do at mo.ë. On May 27, Lykanthea will perform material from her debut album “Migration”, a finely chiseled dark ambient work, Stefan Fraunberger will go to town on psalterium and Steffi Neuhuber and I will be premiering our zither duo. Here’s the event:

And of course our Berry Feast Vol. 4 is coming closer fast. Mark your calendars and save the date: June 6 our little celebration takes place at Sonnenpark in St. Pölten. We have a host of great performers from all fields of art and tickets are free donation! Don’t miss this! Read more here:
nd here’s the fb event:

Alright, that’s it for now, thanks for your patience and hope to see you at one or several of those concerts. Here’s a list to make things easier:

May 7 – Feathered Coyote’s Tea House Vol. 2 with Proyecto Jesús and Toni Traubensaft @ Celeste, Vienna
May 10 – Hood on Dance @ Brunnenpassage, Vienna
May 11 – Gnod & Naum @ Arena
May 21 – Bird People @ Club U
May 27 – Lykanthea, Stefan Fraunberger, Neuhuber/Rois @ mo.ë
June 4 – Feathered Coyote’s Tea House Vo. 3 with mosque and Ulrich Rois @ Celeste, Vienna
June 6 – A Berry Feast Vol. 4 @ SKW, St. Pölten

That’s it for now, thanks!


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Feathered Coyote’s Tea House – New Monthly Club At Celeste

tea_wideWe’re starting a new monthly club at Celeste this Thursday!

The idea is to bring together two (or more) projects from the extended Feathered Coyote family for an evening of music making in a relaxed atmosphere. Spontaneous collaborations are always encouraged!

This time we’re proud to present the stage debut of Kompostfauteuil, a new project including members of Primordial Undermind, Umbra, Torùn and Mutt/Mayr/Hackl plus Bird People, who will perform with their biggest line-up to date.

Big band jams or short solo sets by various people are likely.

In between and after sets, Feathered Coyote Sound System will provide an eclectic mix of drone, psychedelic, roots reggae, old time, hip hop and Hindustani Classical music.

8 pm – doors
9 pm – Kompostfauteuil
10 pm – Bird People

Tickets: free donation / pay-what-you-can

Celeste – Jazzkeller (downstairs)
Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050 Wien

FB event:

Hope to see you on Thursday!

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Upcoming Bird People and Ulrich Rois solo shows

Uli Solo pic

There is a flurry of live activity in the Feathered Coyote camp towards the end of February and the beginning of March.

Bird People will play AU on Saturday, February 21 with the full quintet line-up. It’s our friend Matthias’ birthday and we expect it to be quite the party.

Then on Tuesday, February 24 I will debut a solo piece for banjo and tape deck at the Velak Gala at Brut Konzerthaus. More info here:

And then starting on March 5 in Salzburg we will embark on a short weekend tour with Bird People. Still figuring out the exact line-up for this.
Here are the dates:
March 5 Denkmal, Salzburg
March 6 Graf Hugo, Feldkirch
March 7 house show, Wörthsee

You can stay updated about live activities by Bird People and related artists here:

Hope to see you at one or more of those shows!

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Feathered Coyote Fall/Winter Batch Now Available

Hello friends,

After a long delay due to problems with obtaining the blank tapes the new releases will finally be ready to ship in a few days. We’re sorry about the long pre-order phase this time, this was beyond our control. But now five new tapes area ready and poised to illuminate your dark winter days.

And these are the five new zoners:
FCR39 Core of the Coalman – New Chords
Jorge Boehringer’s solo project Core of the Coalman(US/CZ), is at once an open sketchbook, and a collection of compositions perpetually in a state of evolution. Core of the Coalman can be characterized as continuity and discontinuity for viola, voice, and circuits on the border between order and chaos. Sonically diverse and at times explosive in texture, Core of the Coalman emphasizes the physicality of sound in its synesthetic relationships between ear, mind, and environment, with the aim of hearing oneself hearing.

This release features two new long-form compositions, “Migration on the Warm Wing” and “Cloud Chords”.

FCR40 Fajki – resyw
“In short words i can describe this music of mine like: sound of your pocket, spoken truism, rough surface, fake noise, for unto us a child is born, magic casket, filthy tales, lullabies of motherland,broken synthesizer under your bed, savage punk.” That’s what the person behind this project says about this album that was recorded in summer 2013 in Vojbokalo, Russia.

FCR41 BEG – Weltmeister Pakrashi I
We are very proud to present the debut album of this new project by Brecht Ameel (Razen) and Glen Steenkiste (Sylvester Anfang, Hellvete, González & Steenkiste).
Deep, organic drones played on harmonium and accordeon. Acoustic drone blisss guaranteed.

FCR42 Tauusk – Hermit
Tauusk is an instrumental ambient/drone/doom band from Romania focused on evoking and exploring ethereal and ominous soundscapes.
After the self-released debut double album “Refuge” this is the project’s second effort, which finds Tauusk moving into an increasingly guitar-dominated direction.

FCR43 A Berry Feast 2014 – The Compilation
This was originally part of a fundraising project for the last installment of our harvest time festival.
The campaign didn’t do all too well but on the upside this means that you still have a chance to call this compilation full of psychedelic and experimental nuggets your own! The tape is over 90 minutes long and features mostly unreleased and/or exclusive tracks from the likes of Datashock, Primordial Undermind, Sophie Cooper, Mesta, Kot Kot, Sashash Ulz, Hering und seine sieben Sachen, Günter Schlienz, Flamingo Creatures, Ruairi O’Baoighill, Superskin, Cream Team, BOORII, Nine Inch Negl and Bird People.
You don’t want to miss out on this!

All releases are available right from our shop:
If you want to preview the tapes or get a digital download:

Discounts possible with larger orders, please get in touch if that’s the case.
Trades always welcome!

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