June Update: Berry Feast Vol. 4 & Tea House Vol. 3

Hello friends,

hope you’re enjoying these first days of summer!

This is to remind you that this Saturday we’re celebrating Berry Feast for the fourth time. This year we’re holding the feast at SKW (Sonnenpark) St. Pölten (Spratzener Kirchenweg 81-83).
I don’t want to make this too long, please check out the Berry Feast blog (http:aberryfeast.wordpress.com) for more detailed descriptions of all artists, let me just say that I think we managed to create a very diverse and exciting program, ranging from Afro Acoustics and Desert Blues to minimal acoustic drone, harsh noise, psych rock, experimental electronics and much more.


There will be a workshop, an art exhibition and lots of concerts.
And here’s the full schedule:

A Berry Feast Vol. 4 – Saturday, June 6, SKW St. Pölten (Spratzener Kirchenweg 81-83)
12:00 Berry Feast Exhibition Opening: Lucas Henao Serna
13:00 Workshop: Sounds of the Environment with Roy Culbertson III
15:00 Jonáš Gruska
16:00 Katie O’Neill
17:00 Salah Addin & Ré Sukre
18:00 Least Carpet
19:00 Steffi Neuhuber
20:00 Hellvete
21:00 Eric Arn
22:00 Torùn
23:00 MS Mutt
00:00 Luxury Mollusc
01:00 Battle-ax
02:00 Berry Feast Exhibition: Der Kleine Kreis (VIV) – “Clairvoyant” (screening)
02:20 Jung An Tagen

We’ve also created another compilation to go with the festival. It features (mostly new and/or exclusive) tracks from all the acts playing the festival. The tape will be available at Berry Feast. If you can’t make it and want to order a physical copy, please paypal the right amount to featheredcoyoterecords@gmail.com and state that you’re ordering Sounds from a Berry Feast Vol. 4. (Austria € 8 / Europe € 10 / World € 13).
For a digital copy, go here.

And here’s the tracklist:
Due to some delays with artworks and final masters, the next Feathered Coyote batch is still delayed but should be ready very soon.

But before we drive out to St. Pölten, we’re kicking off the weekend with the third volume of Feathered Coyote’s Tea House at Celeste.

Feathered Coyote’s Tea House Vol. 3
Today, June 4 at Celeste, Jazzkeller, Hamburgerstrasse 10
doors 8 pm, bands start 9 pm

mosque is a collaboration between Oskar May and Kilian Jörg. Oskar May is mainly responsible for beats, base- and synthlines, while Kilian Jörg is mixing, looping and alienating field recordings collected from all over the world. Together this forms voyages, which go beyond the classical field recording, for they do have more or less conventional song structures, but also exceed the classical electronic track. The results are loaded of – more or less intentional – allusions to philosophical, political and other themes and do at the same time incorporate aleatoric strategies into the composition.

solo banjo

DJ I dunno, Ricky Lewis?
Feathered Coyote Sound System

That’s it for now, thanks for your reading and hope to see you at Celeste and/or Berry Feast!


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