Pandelindio & Bird People “Sporal Dispersal” Summer Tour 2016


tour poster by Ludmillah

Pandelindio and Bird People are hitting the road together starting June 18.

Two acoustic drone collectives, both bands playing as a core duo line-up with high chances of guests sitting in at many occassions.

Join us on the road:
18.06. Friuli – Giardino Commestibile (
19.06. tba – Milano or surroundings
20.06. Marseilles – Data (
21.06. tba
22.06. Gent – De Ruimte – with Luster & Hellvete (
23.06. Antwerp – Het Bos (
24.06. Rotterdam – Koffie & Ambacht (
25.06. Mühlheim – Macroscope (
26.06. Wiesbaden – Phantom Limbo Free Folk BBQ (
27.06. Marburg – Trauma (
28.06. tba
29.06. Würzburg – Café Cairo – with Least Carpet (
02.07. Vienna – A Berry Feast @ mo.e (

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Bird People – The Blue Jay’s Dream – LP out now!

The Blue Jay’s Dream” is Bird People’s second LP on Dead Vox and the first vinyl release to document the project’s new, predominantly acoustic direction.
In the winter of 2014/2015 Ulrich Rois and Roy Culbertson III (Burlin Mud, MAHTPA, Metal Mangs Orkaestra) started recording duo sessions of improvised, acoustic drone music using instruments like esraj, bowed banjo, mountain dulcimer, electric organ, oscillator, sruti box, fiddle and singing bowls. All the tracks on this album were recorded live in one room. No overdubs were used.

LP out on Dead Vox records
Get it straight from the label, come to one of our shows or get in touch at featheredcoyoterecords(at)gmail(dot)com

Release Party: May 23, rhiz with Chicaloyoh and Black Zone Myth Chant, presented by Struma+Iodine and Feathered Coyote Records.


cover artwork by Patrizia Ruthensteiner from the series „Die Sterblichen Überreste“
co-produced by Agnes Kilyenfalvi and Thomas Strutz
model: Kim Jade Tiroch

photographed at Moe Vienna


blue jay

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December 20: Tape Dubbing Workshop and new release “Field Recordings from mo.ë “

As part of the “Home Taping Is Killing the Music Industry, Do Your Part!” exhibition at mo.e, I will be holding a workshop on dubbing your own tapes on Sunday, starting around 5 pm.

There will be an introduction to the basics of setting up your own dubbing station. We will talk about mastering audio for tapes, maintaining tape decks and sources to obtain blank tapes.

The usual process of tape duplication as done at Feathered Coyote HQ will be demonstrated and can also be tried out with “Field Recordings from mo.ë “, a collage of sounds that I will record between Dec 17 and 19 at mo.e and which we will then transfer to tape during the workshop.

Participation is free, if you want to keep the tapes, they’re 5 Euros.

Please drop me a short line, if you’re interested, so I know how many blank tapes to bring: featheredcoyoterecords-at-gmail-dot-com

fb event:


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Home Taping Is Killing the Music Industry, Do Your Part! – exhibition, performance and workshop series

Struma+Iodine and Feathered Coyote have teamed up to organize this exhibition, performance and workshop series at mo.e (Thelemanngasse 4, 1170 Wien).
We’re open December 18 – 20, 5 pm – 8 pm (a little earlier on Dec 20)

There will be tapes, posters, paintings, live sets by Sloow Coyote and Palmovka, a tape dubbing workshop and much more.

featuring works by:
Ulrich Rois (Feathered Coyote Records)

Shilla Strelka (Struma+Iodine)

Bart De Paepe (Sloow Tapes)

Lucia Udvardyova (Baba Vanga)

Dennis Tyfus (Ultra Excema)

Ignace De Bruyn, Milja Radovanovic (No Basement Is Deep Enough)

This exhibition, performance and workshop series tries to highlight some of the manifold networks that evolve around DIY culture.

In today’s cultural environment, the traditional music industry faces many problems and even developments like the current vinyl boom are not much more than a drop in the ocean that is the decline of physical media sales.
On the other hand modern communication tools, social media and the accessibility of high-quality digital music formats and relatively affordable recording equipment have made it easier than ever to produce, distribute and market your own music.
From this situation, a vibrant and diverse community of labels, promoters, bloggers and venues has developed. A key aspect of this community is that it doesn’t easily lend itself to categorization. The musical forms are not limited to a specific genre or style but range from experimental techno to psychedelic folk and acousmatic compositions. There is also no clear geographic definition, as key players in the DIY community are based all around the globe.
A common element on the other hand is that networks in this community usually develop out of friendships and a mutual appreciation of the other’s work and not so much along the traditional lines of scenes and musical genres. Another factor is that very often people take on several different roles, like musicians also running labels, label owners designing their own cover art, promoters also being active as music critics or putting out their own zines, etc.
This diversification in a single person’s activities within a scene might result from a financial and logistical necessity as well as from people wanting to be involved in many or all steps of the process.
This exhibition in no way tries to be an overview of the contemporary tape or DIY scene but instead aims to present the work of six different participants: promoters, label owners, writers, publishers, artists … all of them taking on multiple of these roles.

18. – 20.12. 2015
doors open 5 pm

tapes, show posters, paintings, cover artwork, etc. by all participants

Live / Workshops / etc.
18.12. 18:00 Sloow Coyote
19.12. 18:00 Palmovka
20.12. 17:30 tape dubbing workshop with Uli Rois
18:30 open panel discussion about DIY culture work (running labels, setting up shows, etc.)

No Choice Tattoos by Dennis Tyfus (day and time tba)

fb event:
home taping flyer

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Upcoming Shows: MultiTEST, Tea House Vol. 5, A Berry Feast Fall Afterglow, Uli Rois Solo Tour


hope you had a good start to the fall season!
Busy times around here with a new tape release by Bear Bones, Lay Low and Superskin (see last post), recording sessions with Bird People and wealth of upcoming shows.

Trying to keep this short and sweet, so here’s the deal:

This Wednesday, Oct 14 I’m debuting a new duo project with Alles Klingt! on the first day of the MultiTEST Festival at mo.ë. The festival gathers a huge crowd of international improvising musicians, so come see, there’s a lot to explore!
fb event

On Thursday, Oct 15, we’re starting our Tea House concert series at Celeste again. This time it will be a completely acoustic evening with special guest Aerial Ruin from Portland, OR and the first Bird People show in Vienna since August.
Aerial Ruin has a new album out, check it out here.
We also have some more copies of our recent “Constellations” tape on Was Ist Das? left. You can also still order the tape here.
fb event

Next week, there’s the fall / harvest time edition of Berry Feast at mo.ë.
Two days, six acts.
Very excited that this is happening, don’t miss it!
Here’s the rough schedule, keep in mind that we start and finish early on Saturday.

FR, Oct 23 – doors 7 pm, music starts 8.30 pm

SA, Oct 24 – doors 5, music starts 6 pm

fb event

And then I’m setting off on a solo tour, playing clawhammer banjo and fiddle. Here are some dates, check the fb event or the shows section on this site for updates. If anyone has ideas for the free dates, please get in touch at

Oct 26 – Waldpodeakademie, Mainz, DE
Oct 27 – Old Time Jam at Muzikantenhuis, Ghent, BE
Oct 29 – Poetry, Music and Performance Evening with Anne Waldman, Eric Anderson, Davis Schneiderman and Joshua Corey as part of the 4th Annual European Beat Studies Network Converence, Université Libre de Bruxelles, BE
Oct 31 – La Chaise (Les Tabourets), Paris, FR – with Marisa Anderson (
Nov 1 – free
Nov 2 – free
Nov 3 – free
Nov 4 – MKZ, Amsterdam, NL
Nov 5 – free
Nov 6 – Rakete, Stuttgart, DE – with Tom Brosseau
Nov 7 – house show, Würzburg, DE

See you somewhere on the road!

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Out Now: Bear Bones, Lay Low / Superskin Split Tape (FCR45)

cover_squre_forrealAfter a long delay, we are very happy to finally be able to present this gem of a split tape.

Side A is handled by Bear Bones, Lay Low, the solo project of Ernesto González. Also a member of Sylvester Anfang and Tav Exotic, González has already accumulated a substantial discography with his solo project, ranging from guitar drones to tropical, dubby electronica to proto-techno.
Here he offers up four new trance-inducing tracks with a dark and heavy edge.

Side B presents two new tracks by Vienna-based beat master Superskin, who has released tapes on Baba Vanga and sama recordings and has been a constantly engaging and interesting live act on the Vienna circuit in the last few years.
Here he delivers some trance-inducing minimal tracks with a slightly menacing dub vibe.

This split tape comes in a limited edition of 70 chrome tapes dubbed in real time with stunning artwork by Ernesto González.
Order the tape here.
Listen or get a digital copy here.

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Bird People “Constellations” Summer Tour

We’re about to hit the road with Bird People.
Core trio line-up but extended at most of the shows.

See you THERE

Aug 10 – MAKROSCOPE, MÜHLHEIM, DE – with Tesk
Aug 12 – NOMAD’S, CAMBRIDGE, UK – with C Joynes and Randall, Gaskell & Kinsburgy (
Aug 14 – THE FENTON, LEEDS, UK – with CSMA (
Aug 17 – THE COWLEY CLUB, BRIGHTON, UK – with Phantom Chips, The Zero Map + Daniel Voigt (

We also have two new tapes out, a split with Waterflower on Liminal Noise Tapes (get it here) and our new album “Constellations” on WasIstDas? (pre-order here).


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